September 7, 2010

Becoming a Daddy


I’m going to become a daddy, sounds weird saying this but soon I will be in a couple of months. Anyway time to start becoming one, it’s a life changing experience but I’m going to start this life believing it will be a great experience. Better to start now than later. But first things first, I need to show my love and care to the one I truly love, my beloved wife Sharon, who will have to bear this child for the next few months. The body changing experience, the pain a woman will have to go through, the emotions she faces are just a few that a pregnant woman faces. Time to step up as a better, more understanding loving husband. Wish me all the best.

June 22, 2010

Land of the Roo Travel Pics


My first ever trip to Kangaroo land and I was utterly excited about it as the previous year I missed the chance to go due to the H1N1 scare. But here I am in Sydney Australia very excited as this was an impromptu holiday planned just 2 days before the departure, which made us even more excited about it. I want to thank Jesus for making it possible for us to make it to Australia despite 2 failed attempts to go to Australia. This is also the first time Sharon and I are visiting Australia and Hillsong Church. Enjoy the pics.

IMG_1345 IMG_1348IMG_1380 IMG_1510   Sydney city skylineIMG_1423 This picture needs no introduction, this is one of the world’s best known iconic building in the worldIMG_1472 IMG_1480 IMG_1582 At the train station in Wynyard right in the smack center of Sydney CDB on the way to worship Jesus at HillsongIMG_1604 Arrival at Hillsong…I’ve never seen a bigger church premise in my whole life, fantasticIMG_1614 IMG_1632 IMG_1634 IMG_1640 IMG_1642 Life worship at Hillsong during the morning serviceIMG_1653 IMG_1732  IMG_1764

At the National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour experiencing a decommissioned submarine and a warshipIMG_1787IMG_1915Up close and personal with a wallaby at Featherdale Wildlife ParkIMG_2258 IMG_1728   IMG_1795 IMG_1902  Sharon excited with the fine soft touch of a Koala’s fur

April 2, 2010

The Jedi has fallen to the Dark Side


CANON is usually referred to by its competitors as ‘The Dark Side’ exactly why this is so remains unknown but I’ve kind of turned Sharon to the dark side with my dark jedi powers. Here is Sharon proudly with her new Canon 7D. The picture tells all….hahaha.



A nice gift from my beloved



This is an early birthday gift from Sharon, I think it’s Canon’s cheapest lens which can be a great lens capable of some beautiful “bokeh” shots. Honestly its looks and pricing are deceiving. Thanks bebe for this wonderful and early birthday gift. Will post up some shots of what this “piece of toy” can do.

A night out at Soho and Hard Rock


We had a great time the whole of Sunday beginning with church service followed by lunch, choir practice, a light nap in the afternoon and an evening of fun with the guys.










































Sharon pondering over the balcony at Soho


2 Julian took this shot of us. I edited the picture to look old style, turned out pretty well.






















Hard Rock kakis.

March 16, 2010

Internet slang


How often have you come across internet slang which you just can’t seem to understand, like lol, brb, ttyl or even eod. I bet you might not even know some of the acronyms I’m talking about right now, but needless to say this are common nowadays and honestly I don’t understand quite a lot of them. When I chat with people or check out forums many times such slangs are used and I can’t seem to make sense out if it. Take for example afaik, I intially thought it was a name of one of a Malay guy. But to my surprise it is “afaik - as far as I know”. Now what about this rifk. How would I ever know what it is? Anyone care to take a guess? The answer to this is rolling on the floor laughing. Anyway I found my the dictionary of internet slang and I will not get lost again figuring out what the acronyms are trying to tell me. I found it here noslang.


Let me paste some which I found to be very funny (some are offensive so please excuse me)


rihad - Rot In Hell And Die ( sounds like jihad)

mmiw - my mom is watching

mpih - my penis is hard

kmfa - kiss my fucking ass

lak - love and kisses

lmaomtoaoa - Laugh my ass off many times over and over again

lmbo - laughing my butt off


Ok i better stop here b4 i go out of hand go check it out yourself.

March 10, 2010




            An inspirational video I found while visiting . I hope you will

            like it and be inspired by the message. RUN TO HIM, your one and only Saviour - Jesus

March 7, 2010

Pic post


It’s easier to post up photos than to write a blog post. So here I am posting up some pictures of me and Sharon sometime back in the past.



Sharon and I after a church wedding at FPBC


Enjoying a cupcake from cupcake chic



Sharon kissing the air



Sharon posing

March 1, 2010

Which team to support?


The F1 season begins just around the corner and it is speculated to be a furious racing year in 2010 with new teams such as Mercedes, Lotus, Virgin joining the pack to win the 2010 season. But which team do I support this year? There’s just so many teams which I would like to support. Take for example Ferrari, which I have been a keen supporter for the  past 3 years ever since Kimi Raikkonen joined Ferrari, but now that he is gone will I still support Ferrari?. Next up is McLaren team, they now have 2 drivers who are world champions, Kimi used to be an ex driver there as well and I personally like McLaren but not really a fan of Hamilton so support or not..i dunno? Next up is the Mercedes team, Petronas (A Malaysian Petrol Company) is the main sponsor, uncle known to me as Michael Schumacher who is also 7 time world champion is back in F1 again together with Ross Brawn the brains behind Brawn GP the winning team of 2009 F1, also it was their first ever year joining F1 and they won that year as well beating Ferrari and McLaren. Looking at this they surely have a very good team, but Michael has stopped racing for 3 years, can he be himself which he used to be back in his glorious ways in 2006? What about Rosberg..can he outperform ex-world champions like Alonso in the Ferrari or Hamilton or even Button. I hope he is on par with the world champions. Next up is Red Bull which is one of the top contenders in 2009 taking the second spot, reading from the pre season testing news they are equally as fast and quick as well with the top teams. Newcomers to F1 which I would love to see perform well will be Lotus which is Malaysia’s very own F1 team, sad to say I don’t think they are on par with the top teams but I sure do hope they beat the other newcomers to F1 like Virgin. But as for the top teams I have yet to decide on which team to pick but it looks like Mercedes and Ferrari will be my top 2 choices for this year’s F1 team choice. Waiting in anticipation for the start of F1 2010.












Red Bull Racing






Liking this picture


I like this picture of me and Sharon taken by Fern Lee ( one of our friends from San Francisco, US.


This was taken at Weld Quay Penang.